Friday, February 27, 2009

Dog Picnic at Kuala Kubu Bahru

Fluff Pet Store in Kelana Jaya organised this trip in December 08. It has been a while but I have had people asking to see these pics, so here they are. This is mine, Chun Beng and Tiff's first dog picnic. It was fuuuuunn! Fully recommended for anyone who has not had a holiday with their baby pet before!

End of the best day!!

The day Tiffany went to facial

I took Tiffany to facial with me on Friday the 13th Feb. She was at the groomer's and after fetching her, my ex-colleague and I took her straight to my facial appointment with us. Eunice was heavily pregnant, thus slightly apprehensive of Tiffany's barks. Tiffany seem to be acting like an old crone lately. The grumbles that came out from her are unbelievable. It usually sounds like gruuummm..goooo...ggggrrd..low gurgling sounds...cute but seriously weird for a dog.

Anyho..upon arriving at Laurent Bleu, she was really quiet. The lady at the reception was shocked to see a dog coming into the spa. But once we walked up the top where the offices were, the staffs of Laurent Bleu were excited to see Tiff. I had a facial analysis (this new machine is amazing..although I totally can't remember the name of it. We had four people and one dog crammed into a small analysis room. The staffs were either there to observe the procedure by Eunice (or one of them were there to ogle at Tiff, I have no idea. She was more interested at talking to Tiff as I could see). Tiff scolded the girl quite a few times- luckily there was no other customers there.

I then proceeded for my treatment. The minute we got into the room and I set her down, Tiff started her investigative work...sniffing, prodding, nosing around and checking out every nook and corner in the room. I on the other hand, went straight for the facial bed. Tiff then jumped up (I swear, she's acting more like a cat nowadays).

This is really one of the best facial treatment I have had. The light skin peel machine is amazing! Mind you, I have searched high and low for a procedure that my skin can handle, especially since it was stupidly over-sensitive to most treatments (as I have learnt the harsh way during my times doing cosmeceuticals). This machine actually uses diamond peel (unlike other machines, the nose of the equipment has a protective casing, thus the fate of my skin was not at the hands of the handler), suction for sucking up the dead skin that has been removed (thus not rubbing the dead and dirt all over the new skin underneath) and a vitamin infuser to infuse nutrient into the skin once the skin is ready for it (this is the most important! Some procedures ignore this- cheaper of cost- but what's the point of cleaning or removing dead cells if you are not going to feed the skin?)

Anyway, I was sleeping and holding Tiff tightly to me so she doesn't freak the beautician out. All said, the girl was quite cool about it. No jittery hands of stammers. She kept looking at Tiff when she was running the works on my face though- so I got a bit worried about how my face was going to turn out. I fell asleep after that, so Tiff was left to being squashed under my grasp and the beautician continued on working, or so I thought. Somewhere in between, I work up to Tiffany barking and growling. I took off the cotton on my eyes and saw the little monster parked in front of the spa room door. Her tail was wagging but her backside was spaced down and she was growling her head off. On the otherside of the almost closed door, I saw the beautician's face peeping through the door gap. She was muttering something but I couldn't quite hear her. I had to pick up the monster and let the beautician in. Apparently, she had went out to get some stuff and the monster refused to let her in, guarding the room like a fortress.

After some scolding, Tiff decides to settle down on the facial bed, giving us her cute look and smiled for the camera when I took her pic. The beautician surprisingly was not bothered by Tiff at all. She just continued with her work, intermittenly taking to me and Tiff. Half an hour later, all was done. I was relieved to say the least. I had my post consultation and feedback session later. The GM of the centre came out and saw the monster, why was by then quiet. I am not sure whether she's going to be allowed back there, but it was a funny experience having Tiff there while I was having my facial. HEheh!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Village Grocer @ Bangsar Village II

Ikea in a bag. We got kicked out!)

Mont Kiara Plaza

Starbucks Dog!! Plaza Damas

Breakfast @ Davi's Corner and Zara Bangsar Village II

Dinner @ Nirwana Bangsar

Getting into the car

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tiffany at dog friendly (and not so dog friendly) places

I have recently taken to taking my dog almost everywhere with me (arrrr yes.....that includes taking her to work a few times as well). Tiffany has now been living with me for 6 months and it is so difficult to leave her behind each time I go out. She has this big big eyes that gives off a real sad look whenever any of us leaves the house. So, my boyfriend and I have resorted to openly taking her out in public, sometimes smuggling and some other times resorting to some other measures that I'll rather not mention :)

We have had mixed reactions from people around us. We have had people staring, exclaiming how cute our dog is, some people who just can't control their automation (and thus putting their fingers at risk of being bitten by Tiff), some gets a shock when they realise that the dolly looking white stuff is actually a real dog. Others gave looks of disbelief and disgust, while some gets extremely excited by the sight of Tiff. All said, most of them learn that Tiff is a really cute monster...she's physically adorable but can be utterly fierce when her personal space gets invaded (especially when she's has the blues).

Tiff's first outing was to the One Utama gardens. Things did not go down too well as she came back with ticks after the outing. Saying this, this is the first time she gets to run around like a wild dog and the first of more adventuring to come...heheheh!